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Looking for Prince Charles's Dog Charity Project

Hi there, NICE Guideline: Psychosis and Schizophrenia in Adults: Prevention and Management Clinical Guideline [CG178] recommendation states:

Consider offering arts therapies to all people with schizophrenia, particularly for the alleviation of negative symptoms. This can be started either during the acute phase or later, including in inpatient settings.

Now probably one of the reasons I got schizophrenia back in the early 1990s was I had not had a holiday for years. No quality downtime largely because I had begun a business in my spare time, namely Seagull Records. Got home from work and instead of being able to relax had to deal with that. So the lesson might be don't overdo or anything else actually! I had never released music some of which had never even been heard outside (or even, apart from when it was actually being recorded, in) the studio! Having achieved recovery partly down to getting my charity book Looking for Prince Charles's Dog out I thought it was time to get those tapes digitised and start a new record label, Emotional Clive Records. The first releases on my new label Crystal Trip's Somewhere EP and 2nd Skin's Blow EP are out on March 22nd. Bedford indie showdown, neither track ever having been previously released. Am I crazy? Neither band is together, so no live gigs, tours, fan base etc. Yet there is a tour isn't there?! It's the journey I made in the book including my travelling overland from Bedford to Nairobi Kenya (took 6 months to get there 1983 /84). Each chapter of the book instead of a title or number has a song. I chose the songs carefully and though I say it myself it's a pretty crazy yet classic hybrid John Peel/old style daytime Radio 1 soundtrack and I've stuck all the available chapter songs on the Spotify link in the footer below (indicated by my having liked them) along with the other music that played a part in my journey. So what exactly am I trying to achieve? After all you most likely don't have schizophrenia. Only 1/100 of you will so what's the use of to you the majority of you? Well to start with if we could banish mental illness in the UK that would put ~£2,000 pa in everyone's pocket and that does not include the saving in human cost which you can't put a price on (suffering and suicide). If I may I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about. Some years ago now the last time I had an appointment at the psychiatric outpatients clinic the deputy consultant psychiatrist told me I'd have been discharged years earlier still and the only reason I was still on the books was I was precious to the consultant as I had recovered. So I thought about it and realised I was going to see my psychiatrist/s to make them feel better. This is no idle boast. Studies show psychiatrists have a less than optimum outlook on recovery prospects due to seeing the ill patients all the time (AESOP 10 study I think is the one) but it goes further than that. By making the psychiatrist happier this should rub off using recommendation on the rest of the staff, the psychiatrist's family and friends and most importantly on the patients themselves as per. Healthcare professionals should work in partnership with people with schizophrenia and their carers, offering help, treatment and care in an atmosphere of hope and optimism, taking time to build supportive and empathic relationships as an essential part of care.

So where do the charities come in? Well my book has already raised over £4000 divided between the 13 (lucky) charities but of course I want to send them bigger cheques and one way that might happen is by making a film of the book. I own 90% of any film/tv or radio royalties from that direction and have assigned these royalties to the charities. This does not impinge on any royalties the musicians might realise. But some of the songs are so rare that whilst like all the others they are in my planned film soundtrack on merit they are not currently on Spotify! Here's a list of the missing chapter songs, the tapes are somewhere out there!

Seashell by The Flashapjacks. Out on Emotional Clive Records later this year.

Part of the Fire by Caroline Lavelle. Caroline rewrote this demo she tells me and recorded it with her band Secret Sky the song now called The Dim Moon City of Delight. Is now on the playlist.

Mana Mani by Salif Keita and the Ambassadeurs.

Highlanders by Zexsie Manatsa and the Green Arrows.

Blow by 2nd Skin. Out on Emotional Clive Records 22nd March 2020.

Alioune Sissòko by Super Biton de Segou.

Cheduke Chose by the Bhundu Boys.

Colour-blind  by Ringo. Tim tells me this is being rereleased.

The March of the King of Laois by Paul Dooley.

Tremble by Crystal Trip. Out on Emotional Clive Records 26th April 2020.

Hope Srings Eternal  by the Sandkings. No not those Sandkings but Jas Mann's Sandkings who supported The Stone Roses I think.

The Heat in the Room by Bill Nelson.

The Omega Man by Basement 5,

The Headlight Song by Ringo. Tim tells me this is being rereleased.

Waiting for the Boats by Brian Jeffels. Brian tells me he’ll put this up.

Somewhere by Crystal Trip. Out on Emotional Clive Records 22nd March 2020.

Bye for now, Clive X

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