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Skandalakis Anatomia Quirurgica Pdf Download




skandalakis anatomia quirurgica pdf download skandalakis anatomia quirurgica pdf download skandalakis anatomia quirurgica pdf download A: If you are using iText 7, you can set the page orientation as landscape in the constructor of the document, e.g.: PdfWriter writer = new PdfWriter("myoutput.pdf"); // set the document orientation writer.addPage(new PdfLandscape("ABC", 100, 100)); As for the rest, I suggest you use a standard Java development environment to debug your code. I assume you already have the below line in your code: try { Document document = new Document(); PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream( new File("Output.pdf")));; PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(2); PdfPCell cell = new PdfPCell(); cell.setColspan(2); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_TOP); table.addCell(cell); cell.setColspan(2); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description1"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description2"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description3"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description4"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description5"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE); table.addCell("Description6"); cell.setVerticalAlignment(Element.ALIGN_MID




Skandalakis Anatomia Quirurgica Pdf Download

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