Some Truth about "Paranoid  Schizophrenia" and Open  Dialogue 

When the first drug  for "paranoid  schizophrenia" was tested on rats no data was collected on how painful the male rats found ejaculating.  Nor did anyone ask me in 1994 over 42 nasty years later.  This  tells us somethings. One which it goes back to is families visiting "lunatic"  asylums after Sunday lunch in Victorian times to ogle the poor patients. The very definition of the condition was written by doctors for doctors not for the patients however well meaning they liked to appear to be. Take "paranoia" in the "traditional"  psychiatrist's definition. By conditioned reflex he announces the patient has delusions about people being out to get them or of danger yet when he has the diagnosis stuck on the patients like a supermarket worker firing a price labelling gun at them having them put on the bottom shelf  he condemns them to dying ~17 years younger so who has the delusion? So what is the real cure for the condition?  To solve a problem it's often best to know what the problem actually is. In fact the condition is exactly the same in Finland and in particular West Lapland with 1/100  people requiring assistance. So how is it we have 1/100 people in England diagnosed with the artefact paranoid schizophrenia whereas in West Lapland it is 2/100,000? It's because by treating it the way they do most people reach a happier state before they get diagnosed. And largely without the use of antipsychotic medication this always having really just been a tool to put, keep and subjugate the client in the drugs company's accounts. I was once told by the deputy consultant that the consultant psychiatrist would have discharged me "years ago" but had not as I was precious to him as I had "recovered".  He wanted to possess me! All I had really done was rip off Electronic Data Systems for over £539,000 by saying to command I was disabled and becoming a bit of ink in the drugs company bottom line. Load of utter crap the money ruined my life though perhaps I have earned some right to decide what happens with it.

It is helpful to consider the condition as merely being the result of what happened to the client and especially how people treated them.  I'm not totally sure what happened after this video but certainly the East German  Thomas Langer came to dominate. His father was in the Stasi and sadly committed suicide. Be interesting to know what he thinks of antipsychotic medication.  I have to put my hands up and say I have spoken some rubbish elsewhere on this site in one or two places such was the indoctrination though the optimistic sounding Learn More  was not written by me. Do watch the video on Open Dialogue in the countersign the Belfast Agreement section. Here's Pertti in action, "This is how close it was".

*PS  I reached the figure of $100 trillion very roughly based on the all in UK cost of mental ill health 2013  of £110,000,000,000  of which I guessed half was schizophrenia and then multiplied it by the number of countries who do this to people and then multiplied by 68 (years since 1952 when  the first antipsychotic was used).