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An Investigation of the Anglo Irish Peace Process

One day during the spring of 1994 I left work early from the Defence Operational Analysis Establishment, West Byfleet. As I drove out, never to return, past all the security personnel, guns, dogs, barbed wire and cameras Phil Collins' We Wait and We Wonder was playing from BBC Radio 1 on my car radio. The song seemed an instruction for my course of action: to enter the peace process. Many years later Irish friends told me the explanation for my conduct (following hearing this song) was that I had "the calling" which is what I gather brings the Irish back to the island of Ireland. I had not yet found that my DNA indicated I am 31% Irish/Scottish with no recent Scottish blood relatives. The subsections here provide some hopefully artistic summary of where I have got to in 2019. Why? Well perhaps because the following standard from the NICE Schizophrenia Guideline says this:

Aims of arts therapies should include: Enabling people with schizophrenia to experience themselves differently and to develop new ways of relating to others.

Or conversely in order to enable peoples with "schizophrenia" to experience themselves differently and to develop new ways of relating to others use arts therapies. The cost of the UK's mental health disability was put at £110 billion in 2013 and this does not of course include Ireland or any other countries whose DNA detected in mine (see picture): 60% English/north western Europe, 31% Irish/Scottish, 7% Norwegian, 2% Swedish, with something going on north west!

Cross community peace process work
Cross community peace process work

Song for Ireland, an English song written by Phil and June Colclough

Clive Hathaway Travis DNA map with
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