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Caroline Lavelle free download

Caroline invited me to offer you this song as a free download. Reason being she wrote it about somebody she knew who, like me, had a tough psychiatric journey. Not quite worked out how to sort that yet, but I'd love you to have a listen below. And strongly recommend you try out her classic Brilliant Midnight album from which the last track proper, Universal, is the last chapter song title in my book. There are 2 versions of the album, I have both so there, but I prefer the edit of Universal on the original release as it lasts longer and I can't get enough of imagining it playing with the credits at the end of the film of my book. Anyway give her song The Fall a listen to here do!

Caroline says "I wrote it about someone I visited in hospital where she had been sectioned. She was on Largactil and I felt an instant connection with her. I was accompanying a friend visiting her. I felt a great similarity between us the only difference probably being a tiny turn that she had taken and I had not. I wanted to mix her/my story with that of Eve and Alice. Unfortunately, I never knew her name and never could tell her that she had inspired the song."

Brilliant Midnight by Caroline Lavelle including song Universal from Looking for Prince Charles's Dog soundtrack
The Fall - Caroline Lavelle
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